History & Milestone


Since its incorporation in 1995, PROLINTAS has enjoyed a tradition of business excellence and public service as one of the country’s leading highway concessionaires or Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) operator company.

Infused with the resources that reinforce its tested stability, it has gone from strength to strength. Leveraging off its wide asset base and well-established brand name, PROLINTAS is constantly guided by a vision for future profitability, financial advancement and corporate health.

After 25 eventful years of growth, PROLINTAS has evolved into a national icon that personifies foresight, innovation, dedication, integrity as well as keen business acumen, love for community and love for nature. With an ongoing commitment for growth that is all set to meet and transcend any challenges, it will continue to surpass established boundaries in order to scale new heights.

  • 16 MAY
    Concession Agreement Signing Ceremony between AKLEH and the Federal Government

    15 DEC
    AKLEH Ground Breaking Ceremony


  • 5 DEC
    Revolving Underwriting Facility Arranger by Amanah


  • 17 MAY
    AKLEH Grand Opening


  • 15 OCT
    Received the MS ISO 9001:2000 certification


  • 27 NOV
    Concession Agreement Signing Ceremony between LKSA and the Federal Government

    27 NOV
    Sales and Purchase of Shares Agreement Signing Ceremony between Kumpulan Guthrie Berhad and Projek Lintasan Kota Holdings Sdn Bhd


  • 6 DEC
    LKSA Ground Breaking Ceremony


  • 18 JUNE
    The Asset Asian Awards 2009 awarded by The Asset Digital Magazine for Projek Lintasan Shah Alam 745 Million Ringgit Project Finance Sukuk Programme
    • Most Innovative Islamic Finance Deal

    Business of the Year Award 2009 awarded by SMI & SME Worldwide Network
    • Corporate Leader of the Year
    • Intra-Urban Highway Builder of the Year


  • 1 APR
    PROLINTAS received the Letter of Approval in Principle for the SUKE and DASH projects


  • 4 JULY
    Global Excellence in Management Awards 2013 awarded by the Malaysian Institute of Management
    • Emerging Market Leader of the Year
    • Excellence in Project Management

    25 SEPT
    Concession Agreement Signing Ceremony between SUKE, DASH and the Federal Government


  • 25 APRIL
    Global Leadership Awards 2014 awarded by the Leaders International and the American Leadership Development Association
    • Excellence in Infrastructure
    • Masterclass Emerging CEO of the Year

    5 NOV
    5th Middle East Business Leaders Awards 2014 awarded by the Leaders Magazine International Malaysia and The Federation of GCC Chambers, supported by the American Leadership Development Association and International Emirates Management for Quality for
    • Masterclass International CEO of The Year
    • International Leadership Excellence in Infrastructure Development


    AKLEH Phase 2 Opening by YB Datuk Rosnah Abdul Rashid Shirlin, Deputy Minister of Works


  • 1 MARCH
    Utusan Business Awards 2016
    • Masterclass Excellence Award for Brand Of The Year


  • 28 APRIL
    PROLINTAS acquired Kajang SILK Highway.

    24 OCTOBER
    AKLEH has receive Silver Award by LLM for Malaysia Green Index Highway (MyGHI) 2017.


  • 24 OCTOBER
    LKSA has receive Silver Award by LLM for Malaysia Green Index Highway (MyGHI) 2018.


  • 12 APRIL
    6th Annual PropertyGuru Asia Property Award 2019.
    – Special Recognition for Public Facility.

    25 APRIL
    Global Business Leadership Award 2019.
    – Masterclass in Highway Management.