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The realities of increasing competition require us to adopt a human capital management system that promotes agility and diverse competencies in our workforce to prepare them for business changed and its challenges. Another priority of ours is to be an employer of choice who is able to attract, retain and develop top talents in our organisation. To this end, we provide plans and programmes that are aligned with our organisational objectives and plan appropriately for short-term and long-term workforce needs based on anticipated organisational changes. As hiring the right people for the right job with the right competency are the first step in this development process, every year we carry out a range of initiatives to hire qualified people to join PROLINTAS. The prospects are bright for those who seize this opportunities in this active and dynamic organization.
At PROLINTAS, we believe that our employees are our assets that will effectively contribute to the organisation and the country. As we encourage diverse competencies and business agility in our workforce, we drive our employees to be accomplished individuals in managing the dynamic business changes and the challenges it brings in today’s globalised world. As a unified functioning team, each employee are highly regarded and given equal opportunities for them to grow and succeed within the organisation, and subsequently become achieved individuals. Career growth and personal development towards one’s preferences are encouraged, where ample opportunities and support are made available for staffs from every level. This is line with our STAR core values – Smart, Trustworthy, Admirable Honesty and Reach-out that is instilled in each employee, here at PROLINTAS.

PROLINTAS Group of Companies is wholly owned by Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) and is the second largest highway concessionaire in Malaysia. With total assets worth more than RM3 billion, we are rapidly growing and progressing towards our goal to become the routes of choice among other highway concessionaires operating in Malaysia.

The individual who works at PROLINTAS are taking charge of their own future by using their talents and capabilities to their fullest extent to realise this aspiration. Along with a strong spirit of co-operation and teamwork, PROLINTAS offers diverse opportunities for their employees to work across all functions, making every one of them feel that they are part of something bigger, regardless of rank and title. A job at PROLINTAS will provide continual development and a meaningful career platform.

In line with our rapid expansion and a number of high profile projects, we are seeking for dynamic and motivated individuals who are driven towards excellence to apply for the positions listed below.

Interested candidates may email your resume to recruitment@prolintas.com.my and indicate the position you are applying for.

Position Number of Vacancies Location Closing Date

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