History & Milestones

PROLINTAS has grown as a corporate entity that personifies foresight, innovation, dedication, integrity, keen business acumen, love for community and love for nature. More importantly, we have grown into a company that embodies the Malaysian resilience through and through.

Making History For More Than



We’ve come a long way since 1995 and enjoyed our role in transforming the urban landscape. As a large-scale infrastructure concessionaire, we work on a Build-Operate-Transfer basis for the good of the public, allowing the private sector to be part of nation-building while also reducing the financial burden of the government.

The success of our journey so far can be measured in any number of ways; the increasing number of vehicles plying our highways – amounting to well over 100 million a year, returns from media assets designed to help the business community, CSR pursuits that have made a difference in the lives of fellow Malaysians, and the time saved by journeys made safer and shorter, among others. Yet our most valuable achievement is having earned your trust to keep you safe, mile after mile.

It’s the journey that matters and you can count on us being there with you.

16 May 1996

Concession Agreement Signing Ceremony between AKLEH and the Federal Government

15 Dec 1996

AKLEH Ground Breaking Ceremony

05 Dec 1997

Revolving Underwriting Facility Arranger by Amanah Merchant Bank Berhad

17 May 2001

AKLEH Grand Opening

27 Nov 2006

Concession Agreement Signing Ceremony between LKSA and the Federal Government

27 Nov 2006

Sales and Purchase of Shares Agreement Signing Ceremony between Kumpulan Guthrie Berhad and Projek Lintasan Kota Holdings Sdn Bhd

06 Dec 2007

LKSA Ground Breaking Ceremony

21 Oct 2008

Signing Ceremony for the Sukuk Issuance Programme worth RM745 million

06 Jan 2010

Signing Ceremony for the Ijarah Muntahiyah Bittamleek Syndicated Financing Facility worth RM327 million

18 May 2010

LKSA Grand Opening

01 Apr 2011

Letter of Approval in Principle for SUKE and DASH

25 Sep 2013

Concession Agreement Signing Ceremony between SUKE, DASH and the Federal Government

02 Nov 2015

AKLEH Phase 2 Launch

AKLEH Phase 2 provided an additional lane thus converting the partial 2-lane deck to a 3-lane deck

28 Apr 2017

PROLINTAS fully acquired Kajang SILK Highway

15 Sep 2022

PROLINTAS launched the opening of SUKE Phase 1

13 Oct 2022

PROLINTAS launched the opening of DASH