Corporate Governance


PROLINTAS Group of Companies’ has enhanced its standards of governance to strengthen the Group’s effectiveness and create value for its stakeholders. A comprehensive set of policies as defined in the PROLINTAS Integrity Programme governing the conduct of business, operations, communications and environmental management have been established to ensure accountability, transparency and ethical practices in delivering high impact projects for the nation.


The organisation recognizes the value of integrity in delivering its projects, and its impact to its stakeholders and the business environment where it operates. PROLINTAS neither solicits nor grants bribes as defined by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2009. This includes facilitation payments.

PROLINTAS’ values and employment system will be designed to reward integrity and no personnel will be penalized or suffer adverse consequences for refusing to pay bribes.

PROLINTAS has also extended its integrity programme to all subsidiaries and vendors and seeks to work with companies who have similar commitments. The Group also seeks to support government integrity and anti-bribery initiatives in the private and public sectors that are related to the Group’s operations.


PROLINTAS recognizes that gift giving is part and parcel of the Malaysian culture. In delivering integrity and good governance in conducting business, PROLINTAS explicitly prohibits personal gifts from either party due to its potential or perceived consequences. Nevertheless, corporate gifts are acceptable as long as it complies with policies and guidelines set forth in the Integrity Policy.


As part of the measures to ensure that integrity and good values are practised throughout all business activities, sponsorships and charitable donations which are easily exposed to corruption risks, has been included in the PROLINTAS Integrity Policy.

Sponsorships hold commercial values to an organization, thus shall be reciprocated with branding opportunities. Whereas charitable donations shall recognize PROLINTAS as its corporate donor.

PROLINTAS shall not in any way be associated with any political party, or organisations and persons with known political affiliations in performing any parts of its business activities. The Group shall however, remain in support of government-led initiatives, and comply with the laws of Malaysia and localized laws.

Staff members may not seek sponsorships or donations from external parties for in-house events or to secure business deals.


The Group has extended its policies to reach out to organisations with similar corporate governance practices. The Integrity Pact serves as an agreement between PROLINTAS and its vendors, contractors and consultants to promote clean operations and greater transparency; thus gaining public trust and confidence. Organisations wishing to work with PROLINTAS may inquire with Procurement or Contracts regarding the Integrity Pact.


The policies in place acts to also avoid any conflicts of interests and maintain a high standard of integrity practices. All staff members with potential or immediate conflicts of interests will make known their situation through a declaration and excuse themselves from any decision making processes.


PROLINTAS strongly advocates integrity as part of our work culture, and wishes to build and strengthen transparency and trust within the Group. We also acknowledge that despite the desire and trust, there may be times when improper conducts in business may happen.

The whistleblowing policy encourages any person(s) within the Group or externally to raise concerns with regards to unethical behavior, mismanagement, corruption, illegality or other wrong doing. It guarantees confidentiality and protects against any adverse actions. Any person(s) wishing to submit their concerns must do so in person or through snail mail to:

Pejabat Unit Integriti
Projek Lintasan Kota Holdings Sdn Bhd
Peti 2, Tingkat 12, Menara PNB
201-A, Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur

All concerns submitted MUST contain the discloser’s full name, address and phone number for the purpose of authentication and ease of verification.


We are fully committed towards providing quality highway services that comply with the needs and expectations of customers and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.


Towards Excellent Quality Highway Services

PROLINTAS Group of Companies first received its certification in 2002 for ISO 9011:2000 Quality Management System. It has since upgraded its certification to ISO 9001:2015.

The S.T.A.R. Core Values was formulated to build a culture of excellence and become the foundation to the development of good practices and good corporate governance where action is effected by the people who make up what is essentially PROLINTAS.

 It is values that guide the PROLINTAS team when performing work and conducting ourselves.