We implement strong corporate governance practices to maintain the highest standards of integrity across all aspects of our operations.

Corporate governance entails the areas of environmental awareness, ethical behaviour, corporate strategy, compensation, and risk management.

Our objective is to take effective strategic decisions that are centred on accountability, transparency, fairness, and responsibility. We have clearly defined the roles and responsibilities of the Board and the Board Committees. 

We upholds the commitment to ethics and integrity by implementing robust corporate governance practices to maintain high standards of integrity across all aspects of our operations.

Adopting the Highest Standard of Corporate Governance Practices ​

Integrity Framework & Policies​ Image

Integrity Framework & Policies​

Anti-Bribery Management System<br />
ISO 37001:2016 (ABMS)​ Image

Anti-Bribery Management System
ISO 37001:2016 (ABMS)​

Awareness on ​ Ethics & Integrity ​ Image

Awareness on ​ Ethics & Integrity ​

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