Your Safety, Our Priority

Prioritising the Safety of Our Stakeholders

With hundreds of thousands of Malaysians travelling on our roads every day, we have made it our priority to keep them safe on every kilometer of their journey.

From the moment our stakeholders enter the PROLINTAS ecosystem, we have put in place the appropriate measures to ensure their safety, and we will continuously strive to enhance these safety measures and protect all our stakeholders when they engage with us.

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This emphasis on safety extends beyond our highways and applies to all our interactions with our stakeholders. To this end, our safety strategies consist of road traffic safety, project site safety as well as health and safety at our workplace.

These strategies consist of empowerment through management systems, enhancing our knowledge, skill and competency as well as improving compliance and effective enforcement.

Our Targets

We focus on reducing traffic accidents, eliminating workplace and environmental incidents.

By contributing to the implementation of these strategies, we embed the culture of “safety for all” in everything we do.

Keeping you safe

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Road Traffic

Project Site <br />
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Project Site
Safety & Health

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Safe & Healthy

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